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Applying experience and innovation to challenging engineering projects since 1975

Facilities, Tanks and Reservoirs

Delivering Solutions For Water-Based Projects Of Varying Types And Complexity.

A wide range of in-house capabilities allow us to have competitive pricing and solid expertise for an array of water storage projects, from pump stations to tanks and reservoirs, large and small.

We Are Experienced In:

Pumping Facilities

  • Large Capacity Water & Wastewater Pump Stations
  • Sewage Lift Stations
  • Booster Pump Stations
  • Storm Water Pumping Facilities
  • Pumping Inlet Screens
  • Levee or Irrigation Pumping
  • Existing Pump Station Upgrades

Reservoirs and Tanks

  • Structural Steel Water Tanks ( Above Grade)
  • Reinforced Concrete Tanks (Above & Below Grade)
  • Stream Diversion Structures
  • Overflow Pipelines
  • Raw Water Mains
  • Seismic Rehabilitation
  • Valve & Gate Replacement
  • Reservoir Roof Retrofits
  • Canal & Levee Improvements
  • Aqueduct upgrades
  • Cathodic Upgrades

Our Facilities, Tanks and Reservoirs Projects

Our in-house expertise means that we are able to deliver projects including grading, structural concrete, site piping, mechanical, paving, and other solutions for all types of water storage projects. All water tanks will be pressure tested and treated to meet all FDA and NCA standards. With extensive experience in pipeline capabilities and a strong background in concrete structures means that pump stations have been a perfect fit for MCI. With a diverse range of pumping facility projects under our belt – including those involving deep excavation, poor soil conditions and large piping – we have become a local industry leader.